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  • List All Properties of Selected Elements

    Last week I showed how to get a list of all available properties in the Archicad Python API. But how do you get from this list of properties to actually evaluating them on e.g. selected elements? This was requested by Stefan Boeykens in the LinkedIn comments of the post.

  • How to List All Available Properties in the Python API

    Unfortunately the Archicad Python API is very limited. The main limitation is, that you cannot change much in an Archicad model. But one thing you can change are properties! And quite a few different features are actually accessible as so called built-in Properties. Which allow for example to change zone numbers or retrieve the renovation…

  • Minimal Archicad Templates

    If you just need to test a new property expression or try a new workflow, working with a big sluggish Archicad Project is annoying. For me, even the stock Archicad Templates feel too slow when I have to restart Archicad a lot during Add-On development. So I’ve created templates where I deleted everything I could…

  • The 4 Different Zone Stamp Areas in Archicad Explained

    When I started to look into zone stamps in Archicad I got really confused by the different area calculations. And I still sometimes forget the subtleties. There are some guides online, but I wanted a quick overview of the just these four possibilities.

  • How to Export & Import Favorites in Archicad

    Can’t find the icon for the favorites import / export again? I forget this quite frequently. You have to use the Favorites Palette – this option is not available in the tool dialogs! Here’s a full step-by-step guide. It’s the easiest way to transfer favorite settings between projects or different computers.

  • How to Schedule Wall Finishes per Room

    There is no out of the box example in Archicad for a wall finish schedule per room. You often end up manually entering materials in the zone stamp or otherwise duplicating the information you already have represented in the boundary walls. Shouldn’t that information come directly out of the model? And managing several different covering…

  • How to Use Automatic Zones When There’s no Continuous Boundary

    The automatic zone finding tool in Archicad (Geometry Method: Inner Edge / Reference Edge) is the preferred way to create zones for most users I know. You can quickly update your zone geometry (Design -> Update Zones…) if you move the boundary walls. But what do you do if the room you’d like to indicate…

  • How to Use the Wand Tool for Wall Coverings

    If you decide to draw separate walls for your wall coverings, you might wonder how to draft these efficiently. Of course you can trace the outline of the “naked” walls manually, but this feels like you are back in AutoCAD again. And then there’s still the problem of needing empty door and window holes in…

  • How to Setup a Profile Modifier for Finish Heights

    One way to create flexible finishes for walls is to use complex profiles with modifiers. Variable finish heights and thickness are both possible but setting up the profile modifiers in Archicad can be daunting at first. And maybe you’ve been burnt before by such modifiers with inexplicable behavior. There are 4 different types of offset…

  • Interior Wizard Add-On Usage & Comparison

    The interior wizard (part of the Archicad Goodies Add-Ons) is sometimes recommended for wall finishes. So I wanted to check it out, since my Room Coverings Add-On tries to solve the same problem.