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  • List All Properties of Selected Elements

    Last week I showed how to get a list of all available properties in the Archicad Python API. But how do you get from this list of properties to actually evaluating them on e.g. selected elements? This was requested by Stefan Boeykens in the LinkedIn comments of the post.

  • How to List All Available Properties in the Python API

    Unfortunately the Archicad Python API is very limited. The main limitation is, that you cannot change much in an Archicad model. But one thing you can change are properties! And quite a few different features are actually accessible as so called built-in Properties. Which allow for example to change zone numbers or retrieve the renovation…

  • How to Use Property GUIDs with the Archicad Python API

    In last weeks post I showed an easy way to get GUIDs of properties. Now how do you use these GUIDs? One particular question I got was how to use them with the Archicad Python API. So I’ve made a sample script to demonstrate how to obtain specific property values for a list of elements.