AC Bug Report Killer

Archicad crashes and you need to get back to work immediately but now the Bug Reporter opens and you can’t close it like every other normal window. Sending a report can also take a while. Maybe you’ve already sent the same bug report a few times.

You can kill it with the Windows Task Manager (or Force Quit Dialog on macOS), but it’s a few clicks too many. Never mind having to first find in the long list of tasks!

That’s why I made this overlay to enable killing the GS Bug Reporter with just one click. Check it out in action:

Try It Yourself

Right now it’s only available for Windows, but if there’s more interest in it I’ll also try to implement something similar for macOS.

NOTE: It’s important that Graphisoft receives as many bug reports as possible to aid their ability to fix these bugs. So please use this tool only in critical situations or when there is no need to send a bug report (e.g. as an Add-On developer when it’s your fault that AC crashed).