Interior Wizard Add-On Usage & Comparison

The interior wizard (part of the Archicad Goodies Add-Ons) is sometimes recommended for wall finishes. So I wanted to check it out, since my Room Coverings Add-On tries to solve the same problem.


  1. You need to download the Archicad Goodies Add-On. The Archicad version can be selected after choosing a language (scroll to the bottom).
  2. You might need to run a full Archicad Update afterwards!
  3. Add the Accessories Library. It’s located directly in your Archicad installation folder.
  4. Set up your Work Environment in case the Add-On commands are missing from your menus.


Once the Add-On is set up, it’s actually quite easy to use. The steps are described well in this post from Graphisoft.

Here’s a short summary:

  1. Select a zone
  2. Design -> Design Extras -> Interior Wizard -> Create Room Accessories
  3. Choose a wall accessory from the Accessories Library

Updating the Geometry

The accessories are associative to the zone geometry. After changing the zone geometry you can use Design -> Design Extras -> Interior Wizard -> Update Room Accessories to update the connected accessory objects.

First Comparisons To Room Coverings Add-On

Add-On ComparisonRoom CoveringsInterior Wizard
Associative to room geometryYesYes
Associative to door & window openingsRectangular openings onlyYes
Supports curved wallsYesUnsure (was bugged when I tried it)
Supports column finishesYesNo
Multiple different surfaces per roomYesNo
Room area reductionYesNo
Curved windowsYesNo
Scheduling of finish area & volumeYesMight be possible with adaptions of the accessories objects.
Developerme 😉Graphisoft (apparently no longer maintained)

So the only area I’ve found, where the Interior Wizard is superior, is the support for arbitrary shaped door & window openings. Let me know if you have further ideas for comparisons!

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