How to Label Segments of Beams or Columns in Archicad

TLDR: Label-Tool -> Hover over Segment -> Tab-Key -> Click

I couldn’t find this written out anywhere. And for a simple task like this, it unfortunately took me way too long to figure out how to do this.

Finally I was able to locate the workflow “hidden” in this Archicad 23 video. So with that knowledge we can label individual segments of beams and columns!

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Select the label tool
  2. Hover over the segment – DON’T CLICK yet!
  3. Press the TAB key until the box shows “Beam Segment” (as in the screenshot below)
  4. THEN click

Now looking at the screenshot, it even gives a hint to the TAB key. But I guess I was never patient enough to wait for that.

NOTE: This doesn’t work while hovering over a reference line.


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