How to Use Property GUIDs with the Archicad Python API

In last weeks post I showed an easy way to get GUIDs of properties. Now how do you use these GUIDs? One particular question I got was how to use them with the Archicad Python API. So I’ve made a sample script to demonstrate how to obtain specific property values for a list of elements.


Code Example

from archicad import ACConnection

# Connect to a running Archicad instance
conn = ACConnection.connect()

acc = conn.commands
act = conn.types

# Define the properties you are interested in via their GUIDs
properties = [
    act.PropertyId ('13A61253-66A9-4494-9393-9E8F2E19D55E'),
    act.PropertyId ('BCB5813F-2115-4B8B-A12F-16CFE37C7B7F'),
    act.PropertyId ('0A33C71A-FEFB-4346-B1E2-4177D28333A2t'),

# Get list of walls from Archicad
elementIds = acc.GetElementsByType('Wall')

# Obtain the property values for given elements from Archicad
propertyValues = acc.GetPropertyValuesOfElements(elementIds, properties)

# Print header of CSV output
print('Element GUID, Property GUID, Property Value')

# Iterate through elements and the matching responses
for elemIdWrapper, valuesWrapperOfElem in zip(elementIds, propertyValues):
    elementGuid = elemIdWrapper.elementId.guid
    propValuesOfElem = valuesWrapperOfElem.propertyValues

    # Iterate through properties of one element
    for propertyId, propertyValueWrapper in zip(properties, propValuesOfElem):
        propertyStatus = propertyValueWrapper.propertyValue.status

        # Print csv line for different possible property responses
        # (not available, undefined and value)
        if propertyStatus == 'notAvailable':
            print(elementGuid, propertyId.guid, 'N/A', sep=', ')

        elif propertyStatus == 'userUndefined':
            print(elementGuid, propertyId.guid, 'UNDEFINED', sep=', ')

            value = propertyValueWrapper.propertyValue.value
            # Would need to properly handle different value types here
            print(elementGuid, propertyId.guid, value, sep=', ')

Sample Output

Element GUID, Property GUID, Property Value
c4c5bfc4-5805-47ef-bd58-d4a69dfbe1a4, 13a61253-66a9-4494-9393-9e8f2e19d55e, False
c4c5bfc4-5805-47ef-bd58-d4a69dfbe1a4, bcb5813f-2115-4b8b-a12f-16cfe37c7b7f, UNDEFINED
c4c5bfc4-5805-47ef-bd58-d4a69dfbe1a4, 0a33c71a-fefb-4346-b1e2-4177d28333a2, N/A
3c352137-fce9-4f8c-9a06-44a0872ed918, 13a61253-66a9-4494-9393-9e8f2e19d55e, False
3c352137-fce9-4f8c-9a06-44a0872ed918, bcb5813f-2115-4b8b-a12f-16cfe37c7b7f, UNDEFINED
3c352137-fce9-4f8c-9a06-44a0872ed918, 0a33c71a-fefb-4346-b1e2-4177d28333a2, N/A


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